As always TWYGco. will try to supply everything necessary for clients, but here are a few things to take into consideration when preparing for a trip. 


With multiple stops for scenic and wildlife views, and opportunities for short walks, sunscreen will be nice to have on hand. Being thousands of feet closer to the sun, combined with the thin atmosphere, our exposure in Jackson Hole to the sun's harmful rays can be much greater than most hometowns of our clients. 


Protecting your eyes is vital based on our proximity to the sun; after all we came out here to see all that the West has to offer - don't miss it by having to squint into the sun. 

Adequate Clothing

They say that "If you don't like the weather in Wyoming, wait 15 minutes..." and that couldn't be more true. With cool temps in the mornings and evenings all summer long, and the ever-present wind and 40% chance of afternoon thunderstorms, Wyoming's weather can go from beautiful to downright nasty in a matter of minutes. Having the appropriate attire can be the deciding factor between an amazing memory and not. We can't control the weather, but we can control how we prepare for it. A few simple layers can do the trick. For non-winter trips, a rain jacket to cut the wind or block the rain, and a simple lightweight layer and hat can usually keep you nice and cozy. 


While we do not venture far from the vehicle, please wear appropriate footwear for short walks. Additionally, if you would like to personally take photos, we suggest bringing along a camera. Your guide will also take photos with a DSLR camera for the trip, and can provide photos to you at the end of your trip. Your guide will also have a set of binoculars for you to use. 

As for anything else you may want to bring, feel free to do so, as we have plenty of room in our company vehicles to handle everyone and everyone's gear. We look forward to having the opportunity to guide you and your group through this historical and wild area of Wyoming.