Wyoming bursts with color and excitement in the summer. The Wyoming Guide Company has experiences available in Grand Teton National Park, Yellowstone National Park, and the surrounding area during the summer months. With full day, half day, sunrise, and sunset trips, we're here to design a trip that works best for your group. Give us a call today at 307.690.3426 or contact us by email

So you are looking into taking a guided tour into Yellowstone, OUR nations's first National Park. We, at the Wyoming Guide Company, can help in making your visit to this beautiful part of the United States as pleasurable, carefree, and memorable as possible. 

Sit back and enjoy the view as we take you through the park, pointing out wildlife along the way, sharing the stories and history of the area, and hitting all of Yellowstone's hot spots. We strive to provide the most knowledgeable and factual wildlife tours, highlighting the rich history and amazing ecosystem of the beautiful Yellowstone National Park. Our private wildlife tours of Yellowstone are also a great way to avoid the stresses of parking, driving, and navigating - so you can focus on fun with your friends and family. 

Yellowstone Geyser Basin Tour

$275 per adult, $225 per child

  • Approximately 8 Hour Trip Duration
  • Suggested pickup time is 7 am, but can be changed to accommodate clients' wishes

The Geyser Basin Tour offers clients the opportunity to explore Yellowstone’s volcanic caldera and it’s thermal features, where they will not only see, but learn everything there is to know about our hot springs, geysers, fumaroles and mud pots.  With the largest concentration of geothermal and hydrothermal features in the world, this is a must see for anyone traveling to the Jackson Hole valley, or anywhere near Yellowstone National Park.

Come enjoy a day touring the wonders of Yellowstone, with guaranteed views of an erupting Old Faithful, the beautiful and colorful Grand Prismatic Pool, the mud pots at Fountain Paint Pots and much, much more.  With opportunities to enjoy the Old Faithful Lodge area, as well as many stunning views of mountains, lakes, streams and falls, our tour through Yellowstone’s southwestern geyser basin is sure to make a lasting impression.  


$305 per adult, $255 per child

  • Approximately 10 - 12 hour trip duration
  • Suggested pickup time is 7 am, but can be changed to accommodate clients' wishes

The lower loop tour encompasses all that Yellowstone’s geyser basin has to offer, as well as continuing on to the eastern portion of the lower loop for views of both the upper and lower falls of the Yellowstone River.  After touring the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, the tour heads south with stops along the way to enjoy the vastness and beauty of both Hayden Valley and Yellowstone Lake before heading back to Jackson.

Unlike the rest of our tours, the Jackson “Hole” experience encompasses more than just a scenic tour in our nation’s national parks.  Instead, it allows us an opportunity to help you see and experience all that this wonderful place has to offer.

The “Hole” experience is structured to be a full day affair, with the only definitive activity being a half-day tour in the Jackson Hole valley.  From there, we can help build an experience with you depending on your own interests or your group’s intrigue. 

With a multitude of additional trip add-ons available in the area, the extra activities are meant to introduce clients to a whole new way of experiencing Jackson Hole.  Clients can choose from a wide array of available options, with opportunities to see art in the valley, wildlife even closer, or adventures that prove to be fun for the entire family.


$295 per adult, $245 per child

  • Approximately 8 Hour Trip Duration
  • Suggested start times vary seasonally based on optimal wildlife viewing, but we strive to accommodate clients' preferences

Although this tour is offered year -round, the options for additional activities may change with the season. Some additional activities may require a separate fee. Please call with any questions regarding this one-of-a-kind experience. 

So you have found your way to the great state of Wyoming! Whether to enjoy its expansive beauty or to just get away, let The Wyoming Guide Company help in making your Wild West vacation a memorable one. 

Grand Teton National Park, in relation to Yellowstone (our National Park neighbor to the north), is relatively young, and with its youth comes many unique aspects.  Boasting the youngest mountain range in the Rocky Mountain system, the Tetons span the length of the valley, making up the western border of Jackson Hole. Come take a trip with us and let The Wyoming Guide Company show you all that this magnificent place has to offer.


$145 per adult, $95 per child

  • 4-6 Hour Trip Duration
  • Suggested start times vary seasonally based on optimal wildlife viewing, but we strive to accommodate clients' preferences

These trip options are a great introduction to Grand Teton National Park.Whether your interests are wildlife viewing, taking in the scenic sites, or photographing the beauty and grandeur of the park, The Wyoming Guide Company has the knowledge and experience to put you in the right place at the right time. Both Sunrise and Sunset trips can be further specialized to one of the three options to better accommodate the interests of the client (wildlife, scenic views, or photography specific).


$245 per adult, $195 per child

  • 8 Hour Trip Duration
  • Suggested start times vary seasonally based on optimal wildlife viewing, but we strive to accommodate clients' preferences

The Full Day Grand Teton tour is geared to encompass all that Grand Teton National Park has to offer, plus we include lunch! Enjoy eating lunch in the northern end of the park before heading back south, with options of a picnic lunch or visiting the historic snaking counter top of the Pioneer Grill at Jackson Lake Lodge.


Why choose The Wyoming Guide Company?

  • Always Private. Instead of shuffling around with other tourists, adhering to their pace and interests, have the guide to yourself. 

  • Affordable. You'll be pleasantly surprised to see that our rates for trips, which are always private, are equal to the non-private rates of our competitors.
  • Customized and Flexible. Since our trips are private, we are able to tailor and specialize trips to better accommodate requests from clients. We are not bound by set pick-up and drop-off times, since we guide one group at a time. 

  • Charismatic and Knowledgeable. Our guides know their stuff - including geography, history, geology, wildlife anatomy, and much more!

  • Supplies. Our guides are equipped with DSLR cameras with wi-fi, so that high quality photos and video can be captured and provided to you at the conclusion of your tour. We provide top-of-the-line binoculars and spotting scopes from Vortex Optics for use by clients. Oh, and our selection of snacks and drinks isn't bad either.  

Upon booking with The Wyoming Guide Company, you know that your tour will be specifically geared towards you and your groups' interests, as we do not put multiple groups together, as many of our competitors do. Don't get shoved in a van with strangers. Book with us today and enjoy the day with your group, on your terms and at your pace.